I am not a SPAMMER

Have you received SPAM from an address at micke.cc?

In that case you should now that I (or anyone else connected to micke.cc) had nothing to do with it, what so ever. Keep reading if you don’t believe me.

It seems that some stupid person/company uses a micke.cc address in the From field of the spam mails. This is a very simple way of faking from who the mail originates, you can try it your self if you don’t believe me. Just open your mail program (outlook or whatever) and change you e-mail address to anything but your own mail. Of course you will not receive any reply to the mails you write, as they will be sent to the address you wrote as your own.

Spammers don’t want replies to their spam. If you’ve ever read a spam, you know that the body contains all the info about “how to get rich” or whatever, it never says; “Reply to this mail to get your money”. Do you want to know why?

While I’ve been writing this page, I’ve received 10 new mails with a subject not unlike this one: “Returned mail: see transcript for details”. During a week some years ago, I’ve received about 500 af these every day. It is worse that spam, I assure you.

Now, if you want to join the fight agaist spam, please visit spam.abuse.net to find out how.